Stephen P. Groff: Op-Eds and Opinion

Title Publication Date
Development Partnerships for Infrastructure Offer More than Just Cash Timor Post 24 Oct 2014
Fast tracking Myanmar’s reform Livemint, Bangkok Post, Huffington Post, Korea Times 19 Oct 2014
Asean's infrastructure crisis The Wall Street Journal Asia, 29 Jul 2014
Asia must mind the gaps to secure its future Development Progress 30 Jun 2014
How small bites take a big chunk out of healthy economies and households South China Morning Post 7 Apr 2014
Asia Pacific post-2015 priorities, MDG8 and Global Partnerships Effective Development Co-operation Blog 10 Feb 2014
This time we must all be Filipino Philippine Daily Inquirer 29 Nov 2013
East Asia needs united approach to climate change The Korea Herald, Nikkei 25 Nov 2013
Regional Infrastructure Connectivity: What, how and when? Boao Review 23 Oct 2013
Shifting the Gear toward Green Growth People's Daily 18 Oct 2013
Private Investment and Economic Stability Support Each Other Mongolia Daily News; National Post 18 Sep 2013
We can read, but can we consider ourselves financially literate? Huffington Post; Bangkok Post; Daily Mirror 13 Sep 2013
Asia's cooperation insufficient China Daily, The Nation 8 Apr 2013
Powering the Pacific National Business Review 28 Mar 2013
Fiscal reforms adapt to China's condition Global Times 24 Mar 2013
Closing the rich-poor divide in PNG "ADB: PNG Unlikely to Meet MDG Goals" The National 11 Feb 2013
Myanmar: Cautionary Tales for a Country on the Move Bangkok Post; South China Morning Post; Huffington Post 2 Feb 2013
A brighter future for the Pacific: An interview with ADB Vice-President Stephen Groff (Part II) Australian National University's Development Policy Blog 8 Nov 2012
The future of the ADB: An interview with ADB Vice-President Stephen Groff (Part I) Australian National University's Development Policy Blog 6 Nov 2012
Pacific Islands: Renaissance in Long-Overlooked Region? Huffington Post 17 Oct 2012
Why investing in Myanmar matters The Hill 8 Oct 2012
Myanmar has the potential to become Asia's rising star The Nation; BusinessWorld; The Daily Star; South China Morning Post; China Daily; The Statesman; Embassy 22 Aug 2012
Myanmar: potential to prosper Bangkok Post 3 Jul 2012
Asia's new social focus Straits Times 21 Jun 2012
Confronting Asia’s Energy Challenge BusinessWorld; Huffington Post 6 Jun 2012
Timor-Leste has much to celebrate on its 10th birthday The Guardian; Huffington Post 31 May 2012
Will this be the 'Asian century'? The Guardian: Poverty Matters Blog 18 Apr 2012
Supporting Sustainable Urbanization China Daily 9 Apr 2012
First Steps: The Road to Prosperity in Myanmar South China Morning Post; The Nation; Huffington Post 15 Mar 2012
How America Can Profit From the 'Asian Century' Huffington Post 2 Feb 2012
Promote inclusive growth through trade in Asia Embassy Magazine 1 Feb 2012
Asia's Rising Stars: Where Does the Philippines Stand? Philippines Inquirer 19 Jan 2012
Making development aid work The Korea Herald; The Huffington Post; China Daily 29 Nov 2011
Remarkable Indonesia: What's Next? Jakarta Globe 21 Nov 2011