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ADB Investment in Spice Industry to Support Jobs, Climate-Resilient Farming

One of India’s leading spice producers, Akay Flavours & Aromatics, will receive ADB assistance of $16.5 million to expand its business, invest in climate-resilient farming technologies, and open up income opportunities for thousands of poor farmers in India and Cambodia. 

ADB Supports Fleet Expansion of Indian Port Company to Boost Trade

One of India’s largest port operations and management companies, Ocean Sparkle Ltd., is getting a $40 million ADB loan to make fleet improvements that will bring further efficiency, lower freight costs, speed up shipping, and underpin the country’s push to expand maritime trade.

$500 Million ADB Loans to Improve Urban Services in India's Rajasthan State

ADB today approved two loans worth half a billion dollars to help the government in India’s largest state of Rajasthan to better manage essential urban services and finance water and sewerage upgrades.

Media Advisory - ADB's Capital Base

ADB's capital as of 31 December 2013 was $175.4 billion, consisting of $162.8 billion of subscribed capital and $12.6 billion of reserves.

ADB, Japan Support South Asia Push to End Spread of Livestock Disease

A new $2 million grant will support South Asia’s push to slow the spread of livestock diseases like foot and mouth and avian flu which have caused billions of dollars of losses to farmers and economies in recent years.

ADB Named Top Development Bank, Climbs Rankings to 5th Place in Aid Transparency Index

ADB has been named as the top rated development bank in the 2014 Aid Transparency Index (ATI), an independent measurement of transparency ranking 68 of the world’s leading donor organizations published today. ADB ranks fifth overall and is one of only seven organizations in the top category of “very good” in the 2014 ATI, compiled each year by British nongovernment organization Publish What You Fund.

Karnataka Gets ADB Loan to Draw Up Comprehensive Water Management Plan

ADB has approved a $150 million loan facility to help the state of Karnataka draw up a plan to manage strained water resources in key river basins more effectively and fairly.

ADB Urges Asia to Take Advantage of Global Value Chain Opportunities

Asian economies—having reaped substantial gains from global value chains in the past 25 years—can extend these gains if governments and business work together to reduce tariffs and non-tariff trade barriers, and improve logistics and transport infrastructure, says a new ADB report.

Developing Asia Fastest Growing Region as Key Economies Advance Reforms

Developing Asia remains the fastest growing region globally despite slower-than-expected growth in major industrial countries as key economies in the region move ahead with structural reforms, says a new ADB report.

Fast Track Reform to Boost Indian Growth, Says ADB

Spurred in part by a new government with a strong mandate and a wide-ranging reform agenda, the Indian economy is set to benefit from a revival of investment and improved growth in advanced economies, says a new ADB report.