ADB Results Framework Quick Guide

Date: April 2011
Type: Guides


The corporate results framework is a management tool which helps ADB monitor and improve its business to achieve the long-term development goals laid out under Strategy 2020. This publication provides an overview of the corporate results framework of ADB.


  • What is the Corporate Results Framework?
  • What Does the Corporate Results Framework Do for ADB?
  • How Does the Results Framework Affect Me?
  • How Does the Framework Actually Measure Results?
  • What are the Specific Indicators for Each Level?
  • ADB Results Framework at a Glance

UPDATE: ADB approved a new results framework in January 2013. The new framework improves the measurement of ADB’s key results areas, including (i) inclusive economic growth, (ii) climate change mitigation and adaptation, (iii) private sector development, (iv) gender equality in operations, (v) governance and transparency, (vi) partnerships and aid effectiveness, (vii) decentralization, (viii) gender balance at ADB, and (ix) budget management.