Briefs: Loans and Technical Assistance

Briefs provide a short description of approved loans, grants, and technical assistance of less than $200 million. Projects are listed by date of approval, starting with the most recent. Search for projects by subject, country, and/or year.

Date Title
21 Oct 2014 Viet Nam – Integrated Rural Development Project Loan
30 Sep 2014 Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Tourism Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth Project (Viet Nam)
20 Feb 2014 Viet Nam: Sustainable Urban Transport for Ho Chi Minh City
6 Dec 2013 Viet Nam – Financial Sector Deepening Program Loan
23 Oct 2013 Viet Nam: Policy-Based Loan for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development
17 Oct 2013 Viet Nam: Energy Efficiency in HCMC Water Sector
24 Aug 2013 Viet Nam: Additional Financing for Public-Private Partnership project development facility
13 Dec 2012 Viet Nam – Project Preparation And Support Facility Loan
20 Nov 2012 Viet Nam: Improved Sanitary and Phytosanitary Handling in Greater Mekong Subregion Trade
5 Jul 2012 Viet Nam: Microfinance Development Program
29 Jun 2012 Viet Nam: Climate Resilient Infrastructure in Northern Mountain Provinces
23 Dec 2011 Evaluation Capacity Building Technical Assistance
22 Dec 2011 Viet Nam – Improving Aid Effectiveness
22 Dec 2011 Viet Nam – State-Owned Enterprise Reform Technical Assistance
12 Dec 2011 Viet Nam – Development of River Irrigation System Project Loan
9 Dec 2011 Viet Nam – Support for Poverty Reduction Sub Program 3 Loan
8 Dec 2011 Bangladesh – Urban Public, Environmental Health Sector Program Loan
8 Dec 2011 Viet Nam – Socioeconomic Urban Development Project Loan
27 Oct 2011 Viet Nam – Highway Road Safety, Climate Proofing Technical Assistance
13 Oct 2011 Viet Nam – Urban Environmental Improvement Technical Assistance