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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Regional Technical Support to Roll Back Malaria in GMS Coordinated Approach to Malaria Control Closed / Terminated 7 Dec 2000
Regional Identifying Disability Issues Related to Poverty Reduction Closed / Terminated 28 Nov 2000
Regional ADB-ADBI Workshop on Information and Communication Technology Strategy for Developing Asia Closed / Terminated 27 Nov 2000
Regional Seventh Joint ADB-OECD Forum on Asian Perspectives - Technology and Poverty Closed / Terminated 24 Nov 2000
Regional Capacity Building on Indigenous Peoples/Ethnic Minority Issues and Poverty Reduction TA 5953 Closed / Terminated 21 Nov 2000
Regional Commercialization of Microfinance Closed / Terminated 20 Nov 2000
Regional SME Growth and Development in the Mekong Region Closed / Terminated 17 Nov 2000
Regional Financial Services for Poor Women Closed / Terminated 16 Nov 2000
Regional RETA for Study of the Interlinkages between Governance and Poverty in Sectoral Development and Reform Activities Closed / Terminated 14 Nov 2000
Regional Combating Trafficking in Women and Children in South Asia Closed / Terminated 14 Nov 2000
Regional Poverty Reduction: Infrastructure and Governance Dimensions Closed / Terminated 25 Oct 2000
Regional Subregional Cooperation in Managing Education Reform TA 5946 Closed / Terminated 20 Oct 2000
Regional Regional Initiative to Eliminate Micronutrient Malnutrition in Asia through Public-Private Partnership Closed / Terminated 17 Oct 2000
Regional Fifth Agriculture and Natural Resources Research at CGIAR Centers TA 5945 Closed / Terminated 17 Oct 2000
Regional 13th Workshop on Asian Economic Outlook Closed / Terminated 16 Oct 2000
Regional Regional Economic Cooperation in Central Asia, Phase II-Year Two Closed / Terminated 2 Oct 2000
Regional Combatting Desertification and Reducing Poverty in Asia Closed / Terminated 29 Sep 2000
Regional Audit Training Program for Central Asian Republics Closed / Terminated 28 Sep 2000
Regional Strategies for Poverty Reduction Through Urban Environmental Improvement Closed / Terminated 27 Sep 2000
Regional Harmonizing and Improving Business Tendency Surveys in Selected DMCs Closed / Terminated 26 Sep 2000
Regional Vehicle Emission Guidelines for Asia and Pacific Region Closed / Terminated 26 Sep 2000
Regional South Asian Subregional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Closed / Terminated 22 Sep 2000
Regional National Resettlement Policy Enhancement and Capacity Building TA 5935 Closed / Terminated 20 Sep 2000
Regional Conference: What Have We Learned From the Past 30 Years of Research in Poverty? Closed / Terminated 19 Sep 2000
Regional Capacity Building for Environmental Management in Central Asia Closed / Terminated 19 Sep 2000