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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Regional Loan Disbursement Seminars in 1998 Closed / Terminated 23 Apr 1998
Regional Translation of Bank Documents to DMC Languages Closed / Terminated 16 Apr 1998
Regional 1998 Joint ADB-OECD Conference : Fourth International Forum on Asian Perspectives Closed / Terminated 15 Apr 1998
Regional Regional Workshop and Related Events on Resettlement Closed / Terminated 8 Apr 1998
Regional Dissemination of the Study on the Role of Law and Legal Institutions in Asian Eco.Dev. Closed / Terminated 26 Mar 1998
Regional Appropriate Technology for Soil Conserving Farming Closed / Terminated 23 Mar 1998
Regional 1998 Seminars on Project Imple mentation and Administration Closed / Terminated 20 Mar 1998
Regional Environmental Strategy for the Greater Mekong Subregion Closed / Terminated 20 Mar 1998
Regional Review of National Resettlement Policies & Experience with Involuntary Resettlement Projects TA 5781 Closed / Terminated 10 Mar 1998
Regional Joint ADB-WTO Seminar on Asia and the Challenge of Globaliza tion Closed / Terminated 6 Mar 1998
Regional Seminar on Promotion of Region al Foreign Direct Investment Closed / Terminated 25 Feb 1998
Regional Third ADB-IMF Institute Course on Macroeconomic and Structural Policies Closed / Terminated 25 Feb 1998
Regional Strengthening ASEAN's Capacity to Mitigate Transboundary Atmospheric Pollution Closed / Terminated 24 Feb 1998
Regional Financial Markets in Asia: An Engine of Growth or a Source of Instability? Closed / Terminated 20 Feb 1998
Regional Recent Financial Crises in East and Southeast Asia Closed / Terminated 9 Feb 1998
Regional Asia Development Forum Closed / Terminated 19 Jan 1998
Regional Regional Training in Solid Waste Management Closed / Terminated 7 Jan 1998
Regional Secured Transactions Closed / Terminated 6 Jan 1998
Regional Study of Financial Markets in Selected Member Countries Closed / Terminated 6 Jan 1998
Regional Development of Renminbi (RMB, the PRC Currency) Derivatives Market TA   Proposed  
Regional Facilitating Branchless Banking in the Pacific   Proposed  
Regional Social Protection Index for Committed Poverty Reduction
Regional Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant/Facility TA   Proposed  
Regional Support for ASEAN Leaders Forum on Human Resource Development Towards an Integrated ASEAN Community TA 7957 Closed / Terminated
Regional Improving Access to Microfinance: Selective Regulatory Improvement TA   Proposed