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Results 1-12 of 12 for Education Gender equity 1999
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Uzbekistan Assessment of Regional and School Management Structure and Capacity for Senior Secondary Education Closed / Terminated 26 Dec 1999
Mongolia Second Education Development Project Closed / Terminated 20 Dec 1999
Viet Nam Capacity Building in Teacher Trainig Closed / Terminated 3 Dec 1999
Uzbekistan Capacity Building of the Center for Senior Secondary Education Closed / Terminated 29 Oct 1999
Thailand Development of Private Education Closed / Terminated 28 Sep 1999
Sri Lanka Capacity Building of the Ministry of Vocational Training and Rural Industries Management Closed / Terminated 5 Jul 1999
Micronesia, Federated States of Human Resource Development Study Closed / Terminated 14 May 1999
Regional Support for Education for All 2000 Closed / Terminated 27 Apr 1999
Uzbekistan Secondary Specialized and Professional Education Project Closed / Terminated 23 Apr 1999
Uzbekistan Basic Education Staff Development Closed / Terminated 23 Apr 1999
Mongolia Education Sector Strategy Study 2000-05 Closed / Terminated 12 Mar 1999
Cambodia Financing of the Education Sector Closed / Terminated 8 Mar 1999