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Results 1-21 of 21 for Energy 2000
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
China, People's Republic of Wind Power Project Approved 20 Dec 2000
Tajikistan Improving Barki Tajik's Billing and Collection System TA 3600 Approved 20 Dec 2000
Tajikistan Introduction of International Accounting Standards at Barki Tajik Closed / Terminated 20 Dec 2000
Pakistan Power Sector Restructuring Program Loan Approved 14 Dec 2000
Thailand Mae Moh Power Project: Ex-Post Evaluation Closed / Terminated 14 Dec 2000
Pakistan Power Sector Restructuring Support TA loan Approved 14 Dec 2000
India Preparation of a Reorganization Plan for the Gujarat Electricity Board TA 3573 Approved 13 Dec 2000
India Support to the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission TA 3575 Approved 13 Dec 2000
India Gujarat Power Sector Development Program (Policy Loan) Loan 1803 Approved 13 Dec 2000
India Consumer Awareness and Participation in Power Sector Reforms TA 3574 Approved 13 Dec 2000
Regional Power System Rehabilitation Project in the Central Asian Republics (CARs) Closed / Terminated 12 Dec 2000
Private Sector Loan and Equity
Private Sector Loan and Equity
Approved 5 Dec 2000
China, People's Republic of Capacity Building and Training in Power Subsector Closed / Terminated 16 Nov 2000
Philippines Rural Electrification Closed / Terminated 10 Oct 2000
Pakistan Support for Privatization Commission Closed / Terminated 22 Sep 2000
Indonesia Outer Island Electrification TA 3481 Closed / Terminated 21 Aug 2000
Regional Regional Indicative Master Plan on Power Interconnection in the GMS Closed / Terminated 10 Jul 2000
Cambodia Alternative Energy Resources Strategy Closed / Terminated 8 Jun 2000
Sri Lanka Promotion of Private Participation in Oil/Gas Exploration Closed / Terminated 1 Jun 2000
Philippines Rural Electrification Institutional Strengthening TA 3422 Closed / Terminated 23 Mar 2000
Pakistan Capacity Building of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) TA 3409 Closed / Terminated 6 Mar 2000