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Results 26-50 of 956 for Energy
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Mongolia Coal to Cleaner Fuel Conversion for Heating in Ger District and Power Generation TA 8776 Approved 4 Dec 2014
Regional Supporting the Use of Carbon Financing to Promote Green Growth in Asia and the Pacific TA 8223 Approved 4 Dec 2014
China, People's Republic of PRC: Natural Gas for Land and River Transportation Project
Private Sector Loan and Equity
Private Sector Loan and Equity
Approved 4 Dec 2014
Regional Enhancing Economic Analysis and South-South Learning TA 8254 Approved 3 Dec 2014
Pakistan Strengthening the Central Power Purchasing Agency TA 8772 Approved 3 Dec 2014
Pakistan Power Transmission Enhancement Investment Program Tranche 4 Loan 3203 Approved 3 Dec 2014
Kyrgyz Republic Toktogul Rehabilitation Phase 2 Project
Approved 2 Dec 2014
Tajikistan Wholesale Metering and Transmission Reinforcement Project Grant 0417 Approved 2 Dec 2014
Cambodia Capacity Development for Public?Private Partnerships TA 8773 Approved 27 Nov 2014
Regional Equity Investment in AEP II Private Sector Loan and Equity 7430 Approved 26 Nov 2014
India Assam Power Sector Enhancement Investment Program - Tranche 4 Loan 3200 Approved 25 Nov 2014
Cook Islands Renewable Energy Sector Project
Approved 21 Nov 2014
Solomon Islands Solar Power Development Project TA 8756 Approved 20 Nov 2014
Regional Support for Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility Administration TA 8766 Approved 19 Nov 2014
Mongolia Preparation of an Investment Plan for Scaling Up Renewable Energy TA 8757 Approved 14 Nov 2014
Nauru Electricity Supply Security and Sustainability
Approved 7 Nov 2014
Philippines PHI: Municipal Solid Waste Management ? Bacolod City TA 8747 Approved 4 Nov 2014
Indonesia Institutional Strengthening of Baluran and Bali Barat National Park Authorities to Address Biodiversity Conservation TA 8745 Approved 30 Oct 2014
Regional Knowledge for Solutions (Cluster TA) TA 0014 Approved 24 Oct 2014
Myanmar Power Transmission and Distribution Improvement Project TA 8342 Approved 23 Oct 2014
India IND: ACME-EDF Solar Power Private Sector Loan and Equity 7417/3176 Approved 16 Oct 2014
China, People's Republic of Improving Energy Efficiency, Emission Control, and Compliance Management of the Manufacturing Industry TA 8734 Approved 9 Oct 2014
Maldives Preparing Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development Project
Approved 29 Sep 2014
Azerbaijan Preparing an Enabling Environment for Private Sector Participation in the Power Sector TA 8730 Approved 26 Sep 2014
Regional Study for a Power Sector Financing Road Map within Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation TA 8727 Approved 26 Sep 2014