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Results 1226-1250 of 1462 for Public sector management
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Regional Joint ADB-OECD Forum on Asian Perspectives Closed / Terminated 11 Apr 2000
Timor-Leste Poverty Assessment and Statistics Closed / Terminated 8 Apr 2000
Regional Blueprint for Governance and Development: Seminar for the 33rd Annual Meeting; High-Level Women in Finance and Economics for the 33rd Annual Meeting; Asian Corporate Governance Roundtable in Hong Kong Closed / Terminated 4 Apr 2000
Regional Long-Term Regional Training Program for Members of the South Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions, Phase II Closed / Terminated 4 Apr 2000
Regional Pacific Governance and Public Sector Management Training Closed / Terminated 31 Mar 2000
Regional Poverty Assessment Closed / Terminated 28 Mar 2000
Solomon Islands Public Sector Reform Program I Closed / Terminated 24 Mar 2000
Philippines Establishment of ODA Unit in Flagship Committee Closed / Terminated 23 Mar 2000
Marshall Islands Strengthening the Capacity of the Ministry of Finance Closed / Terminated 21 Mar 2000
Regional 2000-2001 Seminars on Business Opportunities Closed / Terminated 15 Mar 2000
Timor-Leste Capacity Building for Governance and Public Sector Management TA 3412 Approved 9 Mar 2000
Regional Second Asian Development Forum Closed / Terminated 8 Mar 2000
Philippines Joint ADB, UNDP, and World Bank Poverty Consultations Closed / Terminated 8 Mar 2000
Fiji Institutional Strengthening of National Strategic Planning Closed / Terminated 2 Mar 2000
Lao People's Democratic Republic Small Scale Technical Assistance for a Participatory Assessment of Poverty in the Lao PDR Closed / Terminated 2 Mar 2000
Kiribati Public Sector Reform Closed / Terminated 18 Feb 2000
Viet Nam Human Capital of the Poor in Viet Nam: Policy Options Closed / Terminated 11 Feb 2000
Regional Year 2000 Technical Assistance for Special Evaluation Studies of Asian Development Bank Operations in Developing Member Countries - Part 1 Closed / Terminated 9 Feb 2000
Timor-Leste Community Recovery and Local Governance Closed / Terminated 9 Feb 2000
Indonesia Improving Public Expenditure Management in Indonesia TA 3394 Closed / Terminated 25 Jan 2000
Viet Nam Central Region Poverty Reduction TA 3392 Approved 18 Jan 2000
Fiji Strengthening Public Asset and Debt Management Closed / Terminated 14 Jan 2000
Pakistan Financial Policies and Risk Management Closed / Terminated 5 Jan 2000
Regional Prospects and Benefits of Economic Cooperation in Eastern South Asia Subregion (formerly Regional Cooperation in South Asia) TA 5898 Closed / Terminated 29 Dec 1999
Kyrgyz Republic Strengthening Capacity in the Ministry of Finance for Improving Financial Management and Planning of the PIP Closed / Terminated 28 Dec 1999