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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Regional Selected Evaluation Studies for 2015 TA 8928 Approved 13 Jul 2015
India Shapoorji Affordable Housing Project Private Sector Loan and Equity EI7260-01 Approved 7 Jul 2015
Regional Enhancing Economic Analysis and South-South Learning TA 8254 Approved 6 Jul 2015
China, People's Republic of Xinjiang Changji Integrated Urban-Rural Infrastructure Demonstration TA 8922 Approved 6 Jul 2015
China, People's Republic of Hunan Xiangjiang River Watershed Existing Solid Waste Comprehensive Treatment TA 8919 Approved 2 Jul 2015
China, People's Republic of Xinjiang Tacheng Border Cities and Counties Development Project Loan 3263 Approved 29 Jun 2015
China, People's Republic of Xinjiang Akesu Integrated Urban Development and Environment Improvement Project Loan 3262 Approved 26 Jun 2015
Regional Promoting Urban Climate Change Resilience in Selected Asian Cities - Developing Integrated Urban Development Plans in Selected DMC Cities Incorporating Urban Climate Change Resilience Principles (Subproject 1) TA 8913 Approved 26 Jun 2015
China, People's Republic of Construction and Demolition Waste Management and Recycling TA 8906 Approved 9 Jun 2015
Uzbekistan Enhancing Efficiency in Rural Infrastructure TA 8894 Approved 8 May 2015
Nepal Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Improvement Project - Additional Financing Loan 3255 Approved 24 Apr 2015
India Advanced Project Preparedness for Poverty Reduction - Capacity Development of Institutions in the Urban Sector in Rajasthan (Subproject 32) TA 8749 Approved 9 Apr 2015
Regional Promoting Urban Climate Change Resilience in Selected Asian Cities TA - Approved 8 Apr 2015
Viet Nam Water Sector Investment Program - Tranche 3 Loan - Approved 27 Mar 2015
Armenia School Seismic Safety Improvement Program TA 8880 Approved 10 Mar 2015
Armenia Solid Waste Management Solutions for Remote and Small Communities TA 8875 Approved 28 Jan 2015
Regional Strengthening Disaster Resilience in Selected Urban Areas of Southeast Asia TA 8868 Approved 24 Dec 2014
China, People's Republic of Qinghai Haidong Urban-Rural Eco Development Project TA 8846 Approved 19 Dec 2014
Mongolia Country Water Security Assessment TA 8855 Approved 19 Dec 2014
Lao People's Democratic Republic Strengthening Capacity in Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Management TA 8845 Approved 16 Dec 2014
Regional Sector and Thematic Analyses in Policy Development TA 8819 Approved 16 Dec 2014
Sri Lanka Institutional Development of National Water Supply and Drainage Board TA 8835 Approved 16 Dec 2014
India Strengthening Municipal eGovernance Reforms in Karnataka TA 8820 Approved 16 Dec 2014
Mongolia Darkhan Wastewater Management Project
Approved 16 Dec 2014
Regional Technology Transfer for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Project Development TA 8859 Approved 16 Dec 2014