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Project records contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs), project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other information.

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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Regional Empowering the Poor through Increasing Access to Energy TA 7512 Approved 18 Jun 2012
Viet Nam Strengthening Institutional Capacity of Local Stakeholders for Implementation of Son La Livelihood and Resettlement Plan TA 4690 Approved 14 Nov 2005
Pakistan Operational Support to the Office of the Energy Advisor TA 4610 Closed / Terminated 14 Jul 2005
Philippines Transition to Competitive Electricity Market (formerly "Implementing Rules and Regulations on the Power Sector Restructuring Program') Closed / Terminated 19 Dec 2002
Uzbekistan Needs Assessment for Energy Closed / Terminated 11 Dec 2002
Regional Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Closed / Terminated 6 Dec 2002
Tajikistan Development of an Energy Conservation Program Closed / Terminated 8 Nov 2002
India Reconfiguration of Distribution Segment of MPEB Closed / Terminated 5 Nov 2002
Fiji Rural Electrification Development Closed / Terminated 30 Oct 2002
Tajikistan Energy Sector Development Strategy Closed / Terminated 30 Oct 2002
China, People's Republic of Power Sector Restructuring II Closed / Terminated 24 Sep 2002
India Energy Efficiency Enhancement Closed / Terminated 21 Jun 2002
India Legal Support for Madhya Pradesh Power Sector Reform Closed / Terminated 14 Jun 2002
India Development of Transfer Scheme for Madhya Pradesh Power Sector Reform Closed / Terminated 14 Jun 2002
Sri Lanka Power Sector Restructuring (Phase 2) Closed / Terminated 15 Apr 2002
Regional Regional Gas Transmission Improvement in the Central Asian Republics Closed / Terminated 12 Mar 2002
China, People's Republic of Opportunities for the Clean Development Mechanism in the Energy Sector Closed / Terminated 11 Mar 2002
China, People's Republic of Shen-Da Power Transmission and Grid Rehabilitation Closed / Terminated 20 Dec 2001
Philippines Prevention of Market Domination and Anti-competitive Behavior Closed / Terminated 19 Dec 2001
Samoa Institutional Strengtehining of Electric Power Corporation Closed / Terminated 17 Dec 2001
Samoa Loss Assessment for Electricity Power Corporation Closed / Terminated 17 Dec 2001
Viet Nam Implementation of the Power Sector Road Map and Grid Code Closed / Terminated 6 Nov 2001
Timor-Leste Power Preparation and Investment Plan Closed / Terminated 22 Oct 2001
Papua New Guinea Gas Pipeline Closed / Terminated 10 Oct 2001
India Power Sector Development Program (Kerala) Closed / Terminated 4 Oct 2001