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Project records contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs), project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other information.

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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
India SSTA for India's State Reform Forum 2000 Closed / Terminated 13 Nov 2000
Papua New Guinea Governance and Public Sector Reform Investment Project Closed / Terminated 26 Oct 2000
Regional 13th Workshop on Asian Economic Outlook Closed / Terminated 16 Oct 2000
Timor-Leste Capacity Building for Local Government Closed / Terminated 10 Oct 2000
Bhutan External Aid Coordination and Management Closed / Terminated 6 Oct 2000
Timor-Leste Poverty Assessment and Statistics Closed / Terminated 4 Oct 2000
Regional Regional Economic Cooperation in Central Asia, Phase II-Year Two Closed / Terminated 2 Oct 2000
Micronesia, Federated States of Law and Development Closed / Terminated 29 Sep 2000
Regional Audit Training Program for Central Asian Republics Closed / Terminated 28 Sep 2000
Kyrgyz Republic Corporate Governance and Enterprise Reform Program II Closed / Terminated 28 Sep 2000
Cook Islands Economic Report Closed / Terminated 27 Sep 2000
Regional Strategies for Poverty Reduction Through Urban Environmental Improvement Closed / Terminated 27 Sep 2000
Regional Harmonizing and Improving Business Tendency Surveys in Selected DMCs Closed / Terminated 26 Sep 2000
China, People's Republic of Establishment of Sample Survey for Industrial/Commercial Enterprises Closed / Terminated 26 Sep 2000
Regional South Asian Subregional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Closed / Terminated 22 Sep 2000
Regional Conference: What Have We Learned From the Past 30 Years of Research in Poverty? Closed / Terminated 19 Sep 2000
Regional Regional Workshops on Project Economic Analysis for Selected DMCs Closed / Terminated 15 Sep 2000
Regional 2000-2001 Seminars on the Use of Consulting Services Closed / Terminated 15 Sep 2000
Regional Small Scale RETA for ADB-ADBI Capacity Building Seminar on Poverty Reduction Issues Closed / Terminated 8 Sep 2000
Indonesia Strengthening Corporate Governance Closed / Terminated 29 Aug 2000
India Poverty Mapping at the State Level Closed / Terminated 29 Aug 2000
Regional Private Investments in Urban Services and Poverty Reduction Closed / Terminated 18 Aug 2000
Regional 2000-2002 Orientation Program for DMC Officials Closed / Terminated 17 Aug 2000
Nepal Formulating an Action Plan on Civil Service Reforms Closed / Terminated 3 Aug 2000
Viet Nam Improved ODA Effectiveness through Partnership Initiatives Closed / Terminated 2 Aug 2000