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Project records contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs), project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other information.

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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Philippines LGU Private Infrastructure Development Approved 20 Dec 1999
Philippines LGU Private Infrastructure Development Closed / Terminated 20 Dec 1999
Philippines Industry and Export Competitiveness Development Program Closed / Terminated 17 Dec 1999
Philippines Capacity Building for Procuring Agencies in Infrastructure Sectors Closed / Terminated 25 Nov 1999
Philippines Project Performance Management System (Phase II) Closed / Terminated 24 Nov 1999
Philippines Community-Based Forest Resources Management Closed / Terminated 25 Oct 1999
Philippines Non-Bank Financial Intermediation Program Loan Closed / Terminated 25 Aug 1999
Philippines Review of Cost Recovery Mechanism for Irrigation and O & M Closed / Terminated 4 Aug 1999
Philippines Urban Policy Framework Closed / Terminated 20 May 1999
Philippines Infrastructure for Rural Productivity Enhancement Sector Project TA 3194 Closed / Terminated 15 May 1999