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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
China, People's Republic of Pilot Program for Establishing A Support Framework for Sustainable Village Community Funds TA 8932 Approved 21 Jul 2015
Regional Promoting Sustainable Energy for All in Asia and the Pacific TA - Approved 16 Jul 2015
Mongolia Education Sector Development TA 8931 Approved 16 Jul 2015
China, People's Republic of Jiangxi Xinyu Kongmu River Watershed Flood Control and Environmental Improvement TA 8930 Approved 15 Jul 2015
Regional Selected Evaluation Studies for 2015 TA 8928 Approved 13 Jul 2015
Armenia M6 Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgian Border Interstate Road Rehabilitation and Improvement Project TA 8926 Approved 9 Jul 2015
Tuvalu Outer Island Maritime Infrastructure Project TA 8923 Approved 6 Jul 2015
Regional Enhancing Economic Analysis and South-South Learning TA 8254 Approved 6 Jul 2015
China, People's Republic of Xinjiang Changji Integrated Urban-Rural Infrastructure Demonstration TA 8922 Approved 6 Jul 2015
Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Water Resources Sector Project TA 8488 Approved 3 Jul 2015
China, People's Republic of Accelerating Investment in Distributed Energy in Rural Qingdao TA 8920 Approved 2 Jul 2015
China, People's Republic of Hunan Xiangjiang River Watershed Existing Solid Waste Comprehensive Treatment TA 8919 Approved 2 Jul 2015
Kazakhstan Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development TA 8918 Approved 1 Jul 2015
Pakistan Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Corridor Development Investment Program TA 8914 Approved 30 Jun 2015
China, People's Republic of Reforms in the Public Sector Compensation System TA 8916 Approved 26 Jun 2015
Regional Promoting Urban Climate Change Resilience in Selected Asian Cities - Developing Integrated Urban Development Plans in Selected DMC Cities Incorporating Urban Climate Change Resilience Principles (Subproject 1) TA 8913 Approved 26 Jun 2015
Regional Promoting Economic Cooperation between People's Republic of China and India
Approved 26 Jun 2015
Regional Support of ADB-USEPA Cooperation TA 8911 Approved 24 Jun 2015
Regional Enhancing Public?Private Partnership Project Development through Support for ADB Transaction Advisory Services in Southeast Asia and the Pacific TA 8909 Approved 23 Jun 2015
Regional Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership Pipeline Development Support TA 8908 Approved 23 Jun 2015
Myanmar Preparing Youth for the Workplace Sector Development Program TA 8915 Approved 19 Jun 2015
Regional Disbursement Seminars for Developing Member Countries TA   Proposed  
Regional Enhancing Association of Southeast Asian Nations Capital Market Integration TA 8905 Approved 11 Jun 2015
China, People's Republic of Construction and Demolition Waste Management and Recycling TA   Proposed  
Afghanistan Gas Development Master Plan TA 8401 Approved 8 Jun 2015