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Results 51-58 of 58 for Loan 1998
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Thailand Export Financing Facility Approved 26 Mar 1998
Indonesia Coral Reef Rehab. and Mgt. Approved 26 Mar 1998
Thailand Social Sector Program Loan LN 1611 Approved 12 Mar 1998
Nepal Community Groundwater Irrigation Sector Loan 1609 Approved 26 Feb 1998
Samoa Financial Sector Program Loan Approved 19 Feb 1998
Philippines Early Childhood Development Closed / Terminated 27 Jan 1998
Indonesia Tnteg. Area Conserv. and Dev't . Closed / Terminated 27 Jan 1998
Nepal Second Agriculture Program Approved 22 Jan 1998