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Results 426-438 of 438 for Approved Regional Public sector (Sovereign)
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Regional Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Center (Phase 2) TA 6003 Approved 22 Oct 2001
Regional 2001 Disbursement Training Seminars in DMCs Approved 15 Dec 2000
Regional Strengthening Financial MAnagement and Governance in Selected DMCs Approved 14 Dec 1999
Regional Regional Economic Cooperation in Central Asia, Phase II Approved 11 Dec 1998
Regional Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Center TA 5817 Approved 10 Dec 1998
Regional Regional Community Forestry Training Centre Approved 6 Nov 1998
Regional Environmental Performance in Selected DMCs and Sectors Approved 24 Jul 1998
Regional Enhancing Capacity for Effective Project Implementation
Regional Facilitating Trade for Fragile and Landlocked States in the post-Bali Institutional Environment TA 8655 Approved
Regional Enabling Climate Change Responses in Asia and the Pacific (Cluster TA)
Regional Enhancing Regional Surveillance for ASEAN+3 TA 7810 Approved
Regional Supporting Regional Project Development for Association of Southeast Asian Nations Connectivity TA 8240 Approved
Regional Support to Community-Based Disaster Risk Management in Southeast Asia TA 8570 Approved