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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Regional Promoting Sustainable Energy for All in Asia and the Pacific TA - Approved 16 Jul 2015
Regional Selected Evaluation Studies for 2015 TA 8928 Approved 13 Jul 2015
Bangladesh Enabling Poor Women's Benefits from Enhanced Access to Energy in Hatiya Island TA 8927 Approved 10 Jul 2015
Regional Enhancing Economic Analysis and South-South Learning TA 8254 Approved 6 Jul 2015
China, People's Republic of Accelerating Investment in Distributed Energy in Rural Qingdao TA 8920 Approved 2 Jul 2015
Afghanistan Gas Development Master Plan TA 8401 Approved 8 Jun 2015
India Advanced Project Preparedness for Poverty Reduction - Preparing the Second Power Sector Investment Project for Assam TA 8351 Approved 29 May 2015
Azerbaijan Preparing MFF Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program TA 8891 Approved 4 May 2015
Georgia Support for Silk Road Forum TA - Approved 28 Apr 2015
Uzbekistan Advanced Electricity Metering Project Phase 2
Approved 17 Apr 2015
Pakistan Gulpur Hydropower Project Private Sector Loan and Equity LN7201-01 Approved 17 Apr 2015
Indonesia Development of West Timor Wind Power TA 8885 Approved 31 Mar 2015
Pakistan Engro Fast-Track Liquefied Natural Gas Regasification Project Private Sector Loan and Equity 7433 Approved 24 Feb 2015
Philippines 150-Megawatt Burgos Wind Farm Project Private Sector Loan and Equity 7442/3246 Approved 26 Jan 2015
Regional Financing Low-Carbon, Climate-Resilient Urban Infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific TA 8865 Approved 23 Dec 2014
Regional Asia Energy Efficiency Accelerator TA 8483 Approved 22 Dec 2014
Viet Nam Establishing the Wholesale Electricity Market TA 8851 Approved 19 Dec 2014
Regional Building Capacity for Enhanced Connectivity in Southeast Asia TA 8836 Approved 18 Dec 2014
Bangladesh Study on Energy Security TA 8839 Approved 17 Dec 2014
Regional Harmonizing the Greater Mekong Subregion Power Systems to Facilitate Regional Power Trade TA 8830 Approved 16 Dec 2014
Pakistan Power Transmission Enhancement Investment Program II TA 8818 Approved 16 Dec 2014
Regional Sector and Thematic Analyses in Policy Development TA 8819 Approved 16 Dec 2014
Regional Technology Transfer for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Project Development TA 8859 Approved 16 Dec 2014
Sri Lanka Improving Project Readiness and Portfolio Management TA 8798 Approved 15 Dec 2014
India Supporting Public?Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development TA 8799 Approved 15 Dec 2014