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Results 26-50 of 87 for Approved Public sector (Sovereign) 2000
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Pakistan Microfinance Sector Development Program Loan 1805 Approved 13 Dec 2000
Pakistan Microfinance Sector Development Project (formerly Rural Microfinance) Loan 1806 Approved 13 Dec 2000
Sri Lanka Private Sector Development Program Approved 12 Dec 2000
Viet Nam Rural Enterprise Finance Project Loan 1802 Approved 12 Dec 2000
Kazakhstan Rural Water Supply Sector TA 3572 Approved 12 Dec 2000
China, People's Republic of Harbin Water Supply TA 3571 Approved 12 Dec 2000
Tuvalu Preparing a Project to Upgrade the Tuvalu Maritime Training Institute TA 3565 Approved 11 Dec 2000
Pakistan SME Trade Enhancement Facility (SMETEF) Approved 7 Dec 2000
Pakistan Enhancing Capital Market Depth TA 3559 Approved 7 Dec 2000
Tajikistan Small-Scale TA for the Rural Financial Systems Development TA 3555 Approved 6 Dec 2000
Marshall Islands SSTA on Technical and Vocational Training Education Approved 29 Nov 2000
Kyrgyz Republic Skills and Entrepreneurship Development Loan 1786 Approved 28 Nov 2000
Lao People's Democratic Republic Decentralized Irrigation Development and Management Sector Project Loan 1788 Approved 28 Nov 2000
Samoa Capacity Building of Financial and Business Advisory Intermediaries (earlier listed as Small Business Development Support) TA 3549 Approved 21 Nov 2000
China, People's Republic of Chongqing-Guizhou Roads Development: Chongqing Component (Leichong Expressway) Loan 1783 Approved 21 Nov 2000
Samoa Small Business Development Loan 1785 Approved 21 Nov 2000
Kazakhstan Farm Restructuring Sector Development Program Approved 14 Nov 2000
Kazakhstan Farm Restructuring Sector Development Program Approved 14 Nov 2000
Sri Lanka Emergency Rehabilitation of the Northeastern Region TA 3542 Approved 10 Nov 2000
Nepal Crop Diversification Loan 1778 Approved 9 Nov 2000
Bangladesh Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development Loan 1771 Approved 26 Oct 2000
Indonesia Marine and Coastal Resources Management Project Loan 1770 Approved 26 Oct 2000
Sri Lanka Protected Area Management and Wildlife Conservation Project Loan 1767 Approved 19 Oct 2000
Tajikistan Agricultural Rehabilitation Project TA 3514 Approved 10 Oct 2000
Marshall Islands Outer Island Transport Infrastructure TA 3506 Approved 29 Sep 2000