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Results 26-50 of 55 for Approved Loan Public sector management
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Pakistan Supporting Public Resource Management Reforms in Balochistan (TA Loan) Loan 2109 Approved 25 Nov 2004
Pakistan Balochistan Resource Management (Program Loan) Loan 2107 Approved 25 Nov 2004
Pakistan Punjab Resource Management Program (TA Loan) Loan 2031 Approved 4 Dec 2003
Pakistan Punjab Resource Management Program Loan 2030 Approved 4 Dec 2003
Viet Nam Program Loan to Support Implementation of the Public Administration Reform (PAR) Master Program (Subprogram I) Loan 1992 Approved 16 Jan 2003
India Modernizing Government and Fiscal Reform in Kerala (Subprogram I) Loan 1974 Approved 16 Dec 2002
Cambodia Commune Council Development Project Loan 1953 Approved 3 Dec 2002
Pakistan Decentralization Support Program Loan 1936/1935 Approved 21 Nov 2002
Pakistan Gender and Governance Mainstreaming Loan 1938 Approved 21 Nov 2002
Pakistan Local Government Performance Enhancement Loan 1937 Approved 21 Nov 2002
Maldives Strengthening Public Accounting Systems (Phase II) Loan 1915 Approved 27 Sep 2002
Tonga Economic and Public Sector Reform Program Loan 1904 Approved 28 May 2002
Micronesia, Federated States of Private Sector Development Program Loan 1873 Approved 12 Dec 2001
Micronesia, Federated States of Private Sector Development Loan 1874 Approved 12 Dec 2001
Papua New Guinea Governance and Public Sector Reform Investment Project Approved 12 Dec 2001
Indonesia Corporate Governance of SOEs Approved 4 Dec 2001
Kyrgyz Republic Corporate Governance and Enterprise Reform Program II Approved 22 Nov 2001
Marshall Islands Financial Sector Program Approved 7 Jun 2001
Sri Lanka Private Sector Development Program Approved 12 Dec 2000
Viet Nam Industrial Sector Review Approved 21 Dec 1999
Philippines LGU Private Infrastructure Development Approved 20 Dec 1999
India Implementation of Public Sector Restructuring Program of Gujarat Approved 14 Dec 1999
Mongolia Governance Reform Program Loan 1713 Approved 2 Dec 1999
Papua New Guinea Financial Management Loan 1703 Approved 21 Oct 1999
Tuvalu Outer Islands Development Fund Approved 13 Jul 1999