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Results 26-50 of 55 for Approved Loan Transport and ICT
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Cambodia GMS: Cambodia Road Improvement Project Loan 1945 Approved 26 Nov 2002
Pakistan Punjab Road Development Sector Project Loan 1928 Approved 31 Oct 2002
China, People's Republic of Southern Sichuan Roads Development Loan 1918 Approved 20 Sep 2002
Pakistan Road Sector Development Project Loan 1893/1892 Approved 19 Dec 2001
Pakistan Road Sector Development Program (Policy Loan) Loan 1891 Approved 19 Dec 2001
Viet Nam Provincial Roads Improvement Loan 1888 Approved 18 Dec 2001
India West Bengal Corridor Development Loan 1870 Approved 11 Dec 2001
Kyrgyz Republic Third Road Rehabilitation Loan 1853 Approved 31 Oct 2001
China, People's Republic of Ganzhou-Longyan Railway Loan 1850 Approved 30 Oct 2001
China, People's Republic of Guangxi Roads Development Loan 1851 Approved 30 Oct 2001
Sri Lanka Colombo Port Efficiency and Expansion Project Loan 1841 Approved 27 Sep 2001
China, People's Republic of Shaanxi Roads Development Loan 1838 Approved 30 Aug 2001
Bangladesh Southwest Flood Damage Rehabilitation Approved 21 Dec 2000
Tajikistan Road Rehabilitation Loan 1819 Approved 20 Dec 2000
China, People's Republic of Chongqing-Guizhou Roads Development: Chongqing Component (Leichong Expressway) Loan 1783 Approved 21 Nov 2000
Papua New Guinea Rehabilitation of the Maritime Navigation Aids System Loan 1754 Approved 12 Sep 2000
China, People's Republic of Hefei-Xi'an Railway Loan 1748 Approved 17 Aug 2000
Papua New Guinea Road Upgrading and Maintenance Loan 1709 Approved 16 Nov 1999
China, People's Republic of Yunnan Highway II Approved 24 Jun 1999
Philippines Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement (Air Pollution Control Facility) Approved 16 Dec 1998
Philippines Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program Approved 16 Dec 1998
Uzbekistan Road Rehabilitation Approved 15 Dec 1998
Viet Nam GMS: Phnom Penh-HCMC Road Improvement Loan 1660 Approved 15 Dec 1998
China, People's Republic of Heilongjiang Expressway II Approved 27 Nov 1998
China, People's Republic of Changchun-Harbin Expressway: Jilin Component Approved 27 Nov 1998