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Project records contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs), project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other information.

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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Tajikistan Institutional and Policy Support to the Road Sector TA 3602 Approved 20 Dec 2000
Tajikistan Improving Barki Tajik's Billing and Collection System TA 3600 Approved 20 Dec 2000
Papua New Guinea Rehabilitation of the Maritime Navigation Aids System (grant cofinancing to be provided by AusAID as part of Loan 1754-PNG: Rehabilitation of the Maritime Navigation Aids System) TA 3619 Approved 19 Dec 2000
Sri Lanka Plantation Development Project TA 3594 Approved 18 Dec 2000
Regional 2001 Disbursement Training Seminars in DMCs Approved 15 Dec 2000
Nepal Corporate and Financial Governance Institutional Support (Cluster) TA 3580 Approved 14 Dec 2000
Indonesia Support for Health Sector Policy Reform TA 3579 Approved 14 Dec 2000
India Consumer Awareness and Participation in Power Sector Reforms TA 3574 Approved 13 Dec 2000
India Preparation of a Reorganization Plan for the Gujarat Electricity Board TA 3573 Approved 13 Dec 2000
India Support to the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission TA 3575 Approved 13 Dec 2000
Kazakhstan Rural Water Supply Sector TA 3572 Approved 12 Dec 2000
China, People's Republic of Harbin Water Supply TA 3571 Approved 12 Dec 2000
Tuvalu Preparing a Project to Upgrade the Tuvalu Maritime Training Institute TA 3565 Approved 11 Dec 2000
Pakistan Enhancing Capital Market Depth TA 3559 Approved 7 Dec 2000
Tajikistan Small-Scale TA for the Rural Financial Systems Development TA 3555 Approved 6 Dec 2000
Samoa Capacity Building of Financial and Business Advisory Intermediaries (earlier listed as Small Business Development Support) TA 3549 Approved 21 Nov 2000
Sri Lanka Emergency Rehabilitation of the Northeastern Region TA 3542 Approved 10 Nov 2000
Tajikistan Agricultural Rehabilitation Project TA 3514 Approved 10 Oct 2000
Marshall Islands Outer Island Transport Infrastructure TA 3506 Approved 29 Sep 2000
China, People's Republic of Hebei Province Wastewater Treatment TA 3488 Approved 30 Aug 2000
China, People's Republic of Ganzhou-Longyan Railway (Jiangxi-Fujian) TA 3486 Approved 30 Aug 2000
Lao People's Democratic Republic Small Towns Development Project TA 3492 Approved 29 Aug 2000
Cambodia Rural Development TA 3489 Approved 29 Aug 2000
Philippines Strengthening Management Capacity and Improving Quality of TESD TA 3482 Approved 24 Aug 2000
Philippines Capacity Building Support for Pasig River Environmental Management and Rehabilitation TA 3469 Approved 20 Jul 2000