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Project records contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs), project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other information.

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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Nepal Enhancing Portfolio Performance TA   Proposed  
Myanmar Environmental Safeguard Institutional Strengthening TA   Proposed  
Mongolia Khuvsgul Lake Protection Grant   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Henan Value Chain and Products Safety Demonstration Project Loan   Proposed  
Mongolia Additional Financing of Agriculture and Rural Development Project Loan   Proposed  
Regional Preparing the Climate-Friendly Agribusiness Value Chains in the GMS TA   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Hunan Dongjiang Lake Environmental Protection and Integrated Utilization Project Loan   Proposed  
Indonesia Flood Management in Selected River Basins Sector Project Loan   Proposed  
Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Water Resources Project Loan   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Effective Reservoir Utilization for Integrated Water Resources Management TA   Proposed  
Mongolia Tuul River Improvement Project Loan   Proposed  
Pakistan Jalalpur Irrigation Project Loan   Proposed  
India Assam Integrated Flood and Riverbank Erosion Risk Management Investment Program - Project 2 Loan   Proposed  
Cambodia Uplands Irrigation and Water Resources Management Sector Project Loan   Proposed  
India Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program - Tranche 2 Loan   Proposed  
Indonesia Community-Focused Investments to Address Deforestation and Forest Degradation Grant   Proposed  
Sri Lanka Safe Drinking Water and Bio-farming for Poor Communities in North Central Province Grant   Proposed  
Nepal Agriculture Sector Development Program Loan   Proposed  
Viet Nam VIE: Greater Mekong Subregion Biodiversity Conservation Corridors Project - Additional Cofinancing   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Xinjiang Akesu Integrated Urban Development and Environment Improvement Project Loan   Proposed  
Regional Building Capacity for Enhanced Connectivity in Southeast Asia TA   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Fujian Farmland Sustainable Utilization and Demonstration Loan   Proposed  
Mongolia Country Water Security Assessment TA   Proposed  
Tajikistan Water Resources Management in Pyanj River Basin Grant   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Shanxi Urban-Rural Water Source Protection and Environmental Demonstration Loan   Proposed