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Project records contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs), project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other information.

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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
India Catalyzing Sustainable Finance Facility Loan   Proposed  
India Intermodal Transport (formerly Intermodal Transport Sector Development)
India Concentrated Solar Power Project Loan   Proposed  
India Innovative Municipal Financing Facility for India Loan   Proposed  
India Karnataka State Highways Improvement III Project Loan   Proposed  
India Supporting National Urban Health Mission Loan   Proposed  
India Strengthening Municipal e-Governance Reforms in Karnataka Loan   Proposed  
India National Green Energy Corridor and Grid Strengthening Investment Project Loan   Proposed  
India Odisha Power Sector Assistance Project Loan   Proposed  
India Madhya Pradesh Urban Services Improvement Program Loan   Proposed  
India Jharkhand State Road Improvement Project Loan   Proposed