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Project records contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs), project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other information.

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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Vanuatu Institutional Support to the Central Agencies for CRPL II (p/backed to CRPL) Closed / Terminated 16 Jul 1998
Regional Review of Bank Operations on Poverty Reduction Closed / Terminated 15 Jul 1998
Regional Eighth ADB Tax Conference Closed / Terminated 14 Jul 1998
Kiribati Capacity Building for Improved Financial and Economic Management Closed / Terminated 14 Jul 1998
Sri Lanka Institutional Modernization of the Ministry of Finance Closed / Terminated 3 Jul 1998
Mongolia Development of Procurement Legislation and Guidelines in Mongolia Closed / Terminated 23 Jun 1998
Viet Nam Capacity Building for Financial Management Closed / Terminated 9 Jun 1998
Micronesia, Federated States of EMPAT II Closed / Terminated 2 Jun 1998
Viet Nam Public Administration Reform Support II Closed / Terminated 28 May 1998
Regional Training in Economic Analysis of Projects for DMCs II Closed / Terminated 11 May 1998
Pakistan Legal and Judicial Reform Closed / Terminated 7 May 1998
Regional ADB-ESCAP-IMF-World Bank Semin ar on Financial Sector Reform and Liberalization in Asia Closed / Terminated 7 May 1998
Thailand Market-based Environment Management Closed / Terminated 5 May 1998
Papua New Guinea Foreign Aid Management Review Closed / Terminated 5 May 1998
Papua New Guinea National Economic Summit Follow On Closed / Terminated 5 May 1998
Regional Loan Disbursement Seminars in 1998 Closed / Terminated 23 Apr 1998
Solomon Islands Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises Closed / Terminated 20 Apr 1998
Solomon Islands Public Sector Management Reforms Closed / Terminated 20 Apr 1998
Regional Translation of Bank Documents to DMC Languages Closed / Terminated 16 Apr 1998
Regional 1998 Joint ADB-OECD Conference : Fourth International Forum on Asian Perspectives Closed / Terminated 15 Apr 1998
China, People's Republic of SSTA for Country Assistance Program Evaluation for the PRC Closed / Terminated 1 Apr 1998
Regional Dissemination of the Study on the Role of Law and Legal Institutions in Asian Eco.Dev. Closed / Terminated 26 Mar 1998
China, People's Republic of Strengthening of PRC Legal Information System Closed / Terminated 23 Mar 1998
Regional 1998 Seminars on Project Imple mentation and Administration Closed / Terminated 20 Mar 1998
Mongolia Capacity Building in Project Accounting in Mongolia Closed / Terminated 10 Mar 1998