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Results 1-25 of 69 for 1998 Public sector management
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Philippines Capacity Building in the Inter national Finance Group/Dept. of Finance Closed / Terminated 31 Dec 1998
China, People's Republic of Impact on Infrastructure Inves tment on Poverty Reduction (LGOP) Closed / Terminated 31 Dec 1998
Regional Accountability Mechanisms in Asia and Pacific Region Closed / Terminated 31 Dec 1998
Indonesia Corporate Governance and Enterprise Restructuring TA 3149 Closed / Terminated 29 Dec 1998
Regional Technical Training and Capacity Building in Support of the ASEAN Economic Surveillance Process Closed / Terminated 24 Dec 1998
Philippines LGU Capacity Building Closed / Terminated 23 Dec 1998
Lao People's Democratic Republic Strengthening Environmental Management Cooperation in Hydropower Planning Closed / Terminated 22 Dec 1998
Nepal Improvement of Accountability and Corporate Governance in Nepal Closed / Terminated 22 Dec 1998
China, People's Republic of Policies and Regulatory Framework for the Consulting Industry Closed / Terminated 22 Dec 1998
Regional Development of the Internet for Asian Law (DIAL II) Closed / Terminated 17 Dec 1998
Nepal Formulating an Action Plan on Civil Service Reforms Closed / Terminated 14 Dec 1998
Regional Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Center TA 5817 Approved 10 Dec 1998
China, People's Republic of Strengthening the Government Auditing System TA 3103 Closed / Terminated 26 Nov 1998
China, People's Republic of Capacity Building in Loan Administration and Accounting Procedures Closed / Terminated 25 Nov 1998
Regional Enhancing Municipality/City Government Performance and Accountability TA 5764 Closed / Terminated 29 Oct 1998
Regional Public Administration and Expenditure Management Closed / Terminated 27 Oct 1998
Regional Workshop on Enhancing DMC Participation in Bank's Opera tional Business Processes Closed / Terminated 15 Oct 1998
Regional Study on the Development of Government Bond Markets in Selected DMCs TA 5809 Closed / Terminated 6 Oct 1998
Philippines Capacity Building in the Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development Closed / Terminated 25 Sep 1998
Tuvalu Establishment of a Trust Fund for Outer Island Development Closed / Terminated 23 Sep 1998
Sri Lanka Private Sector Development Program Closed / Terminated 23 Sep 1998
Regional Eleventh Workshop on Asian Outlook Closed / Terminated 16 Sep 1998
Bangladesh Efficiency Enhancement of Fiscal Management (formerly Institutional Support to Ministry Of Finance) TA 3066 Closed / Terminated 10 Sep 1998
Solomon Islands Public Sector Management Reforms Approved 27 Aug 1998