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Results 1-12 of 12 for 2001 Loan Approved
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Pakistan Agriculture Policy Reform Loan 1879 Approved 13 Dec 2001
Bangladesh Post-Literacy and Continuing Education Project
Approved 10 Jun 2009
Papua New Guinea Governance and Public Sector Reform Investment Project Approved 12 Dec 2001
India Madhya Pradesh Power Sector Development Program Loan 1868 Approved 6 Dec 2001
Indonesia Corporate Governance of SOEs Approved 4 Dec 2001
Cambodia Education Sector Development Program Loan 1864 Approved 4 Dec 2001
Kyrgyz Republic Corporate Governance and Enterprise Reform Program II Approved 22 Nov 2001
Cambodia Financial Sector Program Loan (Cluster) Loan 1859 Approved 15 Nov 2001
Philippines Non-Bank Financial Intermediation Program Loan Approved 15 Nov 2001
Tajikistan Emergency Assistance for the Restoration of Yavan Water Supply System Approved 30 Oct 2001
Cook Islands Solid Waste Management Approved 17 Jul 2001
Marshall Islands Financial Sector Program Approved 7 Jun 2001