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Results 1-11 of 11 for Mongolia Technical Assistance 2002
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Mongolia Retraining of Legal Professionals in a Market Economy II Closed / Terminated 20 Dec 2002
Mongolia Road Development Project III TA 3990 Closed / Terminated 15 Nov 2002
Mongolia Renewable Energy Development in Small Towns and Rural Areas TA 3965 Closed / Terminated 4 Nov 2002
Mongolia Capacity Building for Integrated Regional Development Planning Closed / Terminated 24 Oct 2002
Mongolia Civil Aviation Sector Development Strategy Closed / Terminated 10 Oct 2002
Mongolia Trade and Growth Closed / Terminated 30 Sep 2002
Mongolia Strengthening Public Sector Administration and Financial Management TA 3920 Closed / Terminated 5 Sep 2002
Mongolia Capacity Building of Accounting and Auditing Professional Closed / Terminated 4 Sep 2002
Mongolia Banking Sector Privatization Closed / Terminated 23 Aug 2002
Mongolia Improving the Living Environment of the Poor in Ger Areas of Mongolia's Cities Closed / Terminated 7 May 2002
Mongolia Expanding Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities<br /> Closed / Terminated 1 Apr 2002