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Results 1-11 of 11 for Indonesia Public sector management 2002
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Indonesia Managing Regional Disparity on Economic and poverty Program under Decentralization Closed / Terminated 19 Dec 2002
Indonesia Development of Leading Indicators of Poverty for Poverty Monitoring Closed / Terminated 19 Dec 2002
Indonesia Monitoring System for Capacity Building Closed / Terminated 10 Dec 2002
Indonesia Sustainable Capacity Building for Decentralization
Closed / Terminated 10 Dec 2002
Indonesia Improving the Climate for Investment and Productivity Closed / Terminated 25 Nov 2002
Indonesia Local Government Provision of Minimum Basic Services for the Poor (formerly listed as "Mainstreaming Poverty Reduction Through Development Financing") Closed / Terminated 4 Nov 2002
Indonesia Support for Local Government Financing System Closed / Terminated 1 Oct 2002
Indonesia Support for Good Local Governance Closed / Terminated 27 Aug 2002
Indonesia Gender Equity in Policy and Program Planning Closed / Terminated 19 Mar 2002
Indonesia Development of Proxy Indicators for Poverty Measurement Closed / Terminated 13 Mar 2002
Indonesia Capacity Building of MSRI Inspectorate General in Combating Corruption Closed / Terminated 12 Mar 2002