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Results 1-25 of 40 for India Gender equity Closed / Terminated
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
India Mutual Funds Closed / Terminated 4 Dec 2002
India JFPR-Sustaining Income and Basic Human Needs of the Poor in Disaster Prone Areas of Gujarat Closed / Terminated 6 Nov 2002
India Reconfiguration of Distribution Segment of MPEB Closed / Terminated 5 Nov 2002
India Inland Waterway Sector Development Strategy Closed / Terminated 5 Nov 2002
India Developing the Enabling Environment for and Structuring Asset Reconstruction Companies in India Closed / Terminated 22 Oct 2002
India Poverty Mapping at the State Level Closed / Terminated 29 Aug 2002
India North Eastern Region Urban Sector Profiles Closed / Terminated 19 Aug 2002
India Energy Efficiency Enhancement Closed / Terminated 21 Jun 2002
India Legal Support for Madhya Pradesh Power Sector Reform Closed / Terminated 14 Jun 2002
India Development of Transfer Scheme for Madhya Pradesh Power Sector Reform Closed / Terminated 14 Jun 2002
India Participative and Pro-poor Fiscal and Administrative Reforms in Kerala Closed / Terminated 24 May 2002
India Strengthening State Government Effectiveness and Accountability in Kerala Closed / Terminated 24 May 2002
India Support for Registration System for Secured Transactions Closed / Terminated 21 May 2002
India Capacity Building for Value Added Tax Reform at State Level Closed / Terminated 11 Apr 2002
India Madhya Pradesh State Road Engineering Design Closed / Terminated 14 Mar 2002
India Securing Conservation of Indian Sundarbans through Poverty Reduction Closed / Terminated 4 Dec 2001
India Support for Improvement in Accounting System of Calcutta Municipal Corporation Closed / Terminated 14 Nov 2001
India Impact on Poverty Reduction of Financial Sector Reforms Closed / Terminated 11 Oct 2001
India Power Sector Development Program (Kerala) Closed / Terminated 4 Oct 2001
India Assessing the Role of Mortgage-backed Securities in Housing Market Closed / Terminated 2 Oct 2001
India Institutional Strengthening of National Highways Authority Closed / Terminated 20 Sep 2001
India Natural Resources Management Strategy in Madhya Pradesh Closed / Terminated 6 Sep 2001
India Capacity Building for Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Housing Closed / Terminated 26 Mar 2001
India SSTA for Housing Finance Community Based Lending Closed / Terminated 15 Dec 2000
India Institutional Strengthening of Controller Aid Accounts and Audit Closed / Terminated 8 Dec 2000