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Results 226-241 of 241 for Cambodia
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Cambodia Financing of the Education Sector Closed / Terminated 8 Mar 1999
Cambodia SSTA for Project Preparation and Implementation Assistance to MPWT-CAM Closed / Terminated 3 Feb 1999
Cambodia Improvement of Project Implementation in Cambodia Closed / Terminated 27 Jan 1999
Cambodia Sustainable Forest Management TA 3152 Closed / Terminated 31 Dec 1998
Cambodia GMS: Phnom Penh-HCMC Road Closed / Terminated 15 Dec 1998
Cambodia Road Reconstruction Closed / Terminated 17 Mar 1998
Cambodia Public-Private Partnership Development Project Loan   Proposed  
Cambodia Fourth Financial Sector Program, Subprogram 1 Loan   Proposed  
Cambodia Strengthening Secondary Education and Teaching of Math and Science (formerly Fourth Education Sector Development Program (ESDP IV) Loan   Proposed  
Cambodia Implementing Subprogram 2 of the Third Financial Sector Policy-based Program TA   Proposed  
Cambodia Uplands Irrigation and Water Resources Management Sector Project Loan   Proposed  
Cambodia Road Asset Management Project Loan 2406 Approved
Cambodia Second Road Asset Management Project TA 8784 Approved
Cambodia Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project TA 8125 Approved
Cambodia Second Road Asset Management Project Loan   Proposed  
Cambodia Urban Water Supply Project Loan 3232 Approved