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Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Bhutan Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Education Closed / Terminated 27 Oct 2000
Bhutan External Aid Coordination and Management Closed / Terminated 6 Oct 2000
Bhutan Road Improvement Closed / Terminated 3 Oct 2000
Bhutan Health Sector Development Approved 21 Sep 2000
Bhutan Strengthening Road Maintenance Management System Closed / Terminated 20 Jul 2000
Bhutan Poverty Assessment and Analysis Closed / Terminated 19 May 2000
Bhutan Basic Skills Development TA 3340 Approved 14 Dec 1999
Bhutan Power Sector Development II Closed / Terminated 25 Nov 1999
Bhutan Corporatization of Division of Power TA 3307 Closed / Terminated 25 Nov 1999
Bhutan Strengthening the Banking Supervision of Royal Monetary Authority Closed / Terminated 30 Jun 1999
Bhutan Health Sector Development Closed / Terminated 16 Apr 1999
Bhutan Institutional Strengthening of Construction Development Board Closed / Terminated 8 Jan 1999
Bhutan Institutional Strengthening of Power Sector Closed / Terminated 8 Dec 1998
Bhutan Restructuring of Government Employee Provident Fund and Inst'l. Strengthening of RIC Closed / Terminated 7 Dec 1998
Bhutan Roads and Transport Network Development Closed / Terminated 3 Dec 1998
Bhutan Study of Urbanization Issues Approved 30 Jul 1998
Bhutan Master Plan for Thimphu City Closed / Terminated 2 Jun 1998
Bhutan South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Transport, Trade Facilitation and Logistics Project
Bhutan Improved Urban Environmental Infrastructure Project (Project Design Advance) Grant   Proposed  
Bhutan Leveraging ICT Applications in Supporting the Strengthening Economic Management Program II TA   Proposed  
Bhutan Strengthening Economic Management Program II