Evaluation Resources

Results 1-9 of 9 for Learning Curves 2011

This special evaluation study brings country perspective and information on gender issues, gender results from ADB-assisted projects, and stakeholders' view on the challenges for implementing gender mainstreaming.

This special evaluation study presents an independent evaluation of the implementation of ADB's first three financing partnership facilities (FPF) in the areas of water, regional cooperation and integration, and clean energy.

This special evaluation study assesses the support provided by ADB to countries in fragile and conflict-affected situations. It examines ADB's performance in assisting these countries, identifies key lessons learned, draws conclusions, and makes recommendations for ADB's future engagement in this area.

This special evaluation study assesses ADB's achievements with respect to the sustainability of projects and programs, and ADB's approach to sustainability.

This study assesses the performance of ADB assistance in the education sector of Uzbekistan for the period 1996-2009. It also identifies factors affecting the performance, and draws lessons and recommendations to feed into the preparation of a CAPE.

This country assistance program evaluation assesses the performance of ADB country strategies and assistance programs for the Lao People's Democratic Republic during the period of 2000-2009.

This study assesses the performance of ADB assistance to the Lao PDR energy sector. The study examines the development effectiveness of ADB-funded energy projects, identifies lessons and makes recommendations.

As an input to the country assistance program evaluation, this study assesses the performance of ADB's assistance between 2000 and 2009 to the Lao PDR transport sector.

This special evaluation study assesses the implementation of ADB's water policy and the performance of related operations, identifies lessons and issues, and makes recommendations to inform future decision making on water sector operations in ADB's developing member countries.