Project Name Type of Assistance Approval Numbers Approval Date
Anhui Huainan Urban Water Systems Integrated Rehabilitation Project TA 8094 25 Jun 2012
Domestic Maritime Support (Sector) Project
23 May 2012
Second District Capitals Water Supply Project TA 8064 26 Mar 2012
Promotion of Capital Market Instruments for Infrastructure Financing in the ASEAN TA 7969 6 Dec 2011
Productive Rural Infrastructure Development Project in the Central Highlands TA 7943 2 Dec 2011
Fifth Health Sector Development Project TA 7882 7 Oct 2011
Sri Lanka Flood Disaster Grant 0247 16 Feb 2011
Second Community Water Transport Sector Project TA 7755 22 Dec 2010
SSTA for Preparation of a National Road Sector Capacity Development Roadmap TA 7570 3 Aug 2010
Preparing Rural ICT Connectivity Project (formerly Assessment of Domestic Fiber Optic Network Capacity) TA 7553 23 Jun 2010
Project Name Type of Assistance Posting Date

There are no proposed projects at this time.

Project records are listed by actual or planned approval date. They contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs) as well as project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other project related information. Information about proposed projects is tentative and indicative (e.g. approval dates).